[500P-1-STJ] Whales Notebooks

Whales Notebooks. Cover printed front and back and perfect bound. 5.5 x 7.75 lined notebook and 8 x 10 blank sketchbook. 

Original artwork © 2005 Samara E. King & TwoBee, LLC rendered in color pencil for the Bishop Museum.

There are 74 known marine species of cetaceans. Cetaceans are a group of mammals that includes whales, dolphins, and porpoises – the only mammals that are adapted to life in the open oceans. Cetaceans vary from human-sized to bigger than the largest dinosaurs, and are divided into two main groups: toothed whales and filter feeders. Hundreds of large whales and thousands of smaller whale species are killed every year in organized hunts around the world. Learn more about whale conservation at: https://us.whales.org


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