American Mug & Stein
Our quest to create an All American Mug began over a decade ago. We had three obstacles to overcome: reproduction technology, locating an in-country manufacturer and finding the right mug.

Reproducing our complex artwork has always been a challenge and traditional methods often disappointed. To create the mug we dreamed of, we had to wait for technology to perfect the 'digital decal' process. Using a specialized formulation of ceramic inks that are fired at low temperatures, digital decals make detailed reproduction possible.

Our second obstacle was finding an in-country manufacturer. The pressure to compete with low-priced products manufactured overseas led to the decline of the American commercial pottery industry. The United States Potters Association, once boasting more than eighty members, was forced to fold when Homer Laughlin and Hall China became the only two plants left. (Homer Laughlin later acquired Hall China.)

The challenge wasn't simply finding a manufacturer among the few remaining survivors - but one that created the perfect mug and was willing to take the leap of applying new technologies. We're grateful we found Clyde McClellan, who shared our vision of creating something beautiful and practical: the All American Mug.

Clyde's company, American Mug and Stein, is located in East Liverpool, Ohio. Founded as Pioneer Pottery in the 1920's, this factory is only one of a handful that remains in a city once known as the Pottery capital of the world. If you'd like to know more about American Mug, and how companies like Starbucks are taking advantage of opportunities to bring jobs back to the USA, please see the video below: 


Starbucks' effort is not merely altruistic. Foreign products have become more expensive. Overseas suppliers require large minimums and typically deliver in three months. Locally produced items can deliver small orders in three weeks. We appreciate and value our partner, American Mug and Stein, who contribute to our mission of providing affordable, locally made and decorated souvenirs for zoos, aquariums, museums and national parks. Thanks Clyde!!!

January 31, 2020 by Laura King

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